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12 Pin-points to build a Solid Financial Plan

Plenty of today’s unicorns were born from a bit of money magic.

Marketing Magic - Starting up a StartUp

Where content is king, marketing is the entire kingdom.

Starting up a StartUp – A 4-part journey into making your idea a reality

Put your VISION on paper.

The Age of Automation

A revolution within our lifetime.

To Send or Not To Send?

A small guide to writing better emails and when to send them.

Where do you stand with your carbon footprint?

Key takeaways of how to become carbon neutral, reach carbon zero, and master carbon negative.

The Wonders of Innovative Tech for your New Year

10 Best tech tools to give 2021 a big boost.

The Joy of Organizing Your Workspace: Home & Office Edition

7 ways you can perfect your work environment for max output.

How-to drive sustainability in 2020

10 ways to become an innovative sustainable business.

Unicorns in Portugal

The key values of Portugal’s startup ecosystem.

Mind Hack with an Old Tradition: Stoic Wisdom for a Resilient Lifestyle

An ideal recipe for any aspiring entrepreneur: How to be a master of one's self. That is the lesson the Stoics can still teach you today.

Hidden Creative Secrets for “Non-Creatives”

Society has always placed people in two different little boxes — “creative people” and “non-creative people”. Boring.

Shared Workspaces: The True Value of Flexibility

Why distributing your team is a smart option for your company.

Data-Safety: Here is how to treat your E-Waste

We’ve prepared key info on how to get rid of your old gadgets and say “goodbye” to your old unused tech gizmo.

Dump Your E-Waste

Why you should be paying more attention to the Disposal of Electronics.

A Recent History of Unicorns

To spot a Unicorn in the wild market and invest in them — is hands-down worth it!

5 Ways to expand your Network when Working Abroad

If you plan to, or even think about, advancing in your career globally, then why not leverage the networking opportunities you come across during your travels? We’ve composed 5 tips on how to expand your network while working abroad.

The Future of Work is Now

All of a sudden, we are forced to rewrite the rules of how we function and operate from here on out.

The Future of Work is Now | part II

To dream of brighter days, we must do our part and take the time to adapt to new roles and tools available for us to build — together.

10 Simple Tricks that will help adapt the New Normal at Work

Meet the new standards and expectations in the work environment with these simple and effective measures.

Discovering the Power of Sustainability in the Kitchen

We asked a modern “Tuga” nutritionist, Dr. Manuel Laginha Gonçalves, his idea about the power of sustainability through the kitchen.